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Dedicated to building relationships, mentoring, and educating physical therapy and athletic training students and professionals.

Athletic Trainer, Physical Therapist, and Mentor

I help students navigate classroom and clinical experiences and well as the growing pains of being a young professional in Athletic Training or Physical Therapy

Finding Mentorship is difficult. Being a student doesn’t guarantee all of your questions will be answered in the classroom or clinic. If you are looking for more, you are in the right place.

Let’s talk about the topics that aren’t covered in school (but you are expected to know) so you can feel confident and prepared when talking to and treating your athletes and patients.

I help Athletic Training Students (ATS), Student Physical Therapists (SPT), and young (new!) professionals develop strategies and critical thinking skills for patient evaluation and management, create study plans, navigate job searches, coding and billing, and anything else you can think of!

Learn more about me and my path here.

Check These Out

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This is going to be courses designed to educate PTs and ATs. You will be able to find CEU courses here too!

This links to my blog that covers topics relevant to PT and AT students as well as new grads and seasoned professionals.

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This is going to link to information about how to work 1:1 with me for those with more specific mentoring needs.

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What You’ll Find Here

There is no better place to look for mentoring, education, real-life tips and advice for navigating:

  • PT or AT School Resources
  • Mentoring for Students and Young Professionals
  • Continuing Education
  • Inter-Professional Collaboration
  • Build and Enhance Leadership Skills

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